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The Case of Calib Scott

Man Convicted of Killing Infant Son Claims Brain Damage

Is the headline that immediately catches my eye on my news feed. Calib Scott, a 26-year old man from Florida, was sentenced. to life in prison for the horrific death of his son. The infant was only five months old at the time of his passing, and faced neglect and abuse at the hands of his parents. While on trial for the murder, father Calib Scott claimed traumatic brain injuries in his childhood that would lessen his conviction.

According to reports, Scott was the primary caretaker of his son, since the baby's mother went to work during the day. On the day of the incident, Scott was home alone with the baby and become extremely frustrated with the child crying. He then proceeded to call 9-1-1 and explained that he noticed the baby struggling. He was sadly pronounced deceased upon arrival at the hospital. After an autopsy was performed, questions were raised in the manner of death. While at first he denied any malice on his part, Calib eventually started confessing when questioned further.

While detailing the events that unfolded, Scott began confessing to the police and becoming increasingly belligerent. While on trial, details about his childhood and personal life came forward that indicated a troubled past. Scott himself details instances of abuse at the hands of his mother, as well as two examples of sexual abuse. But the testimonies of his mother and brother gave conflicting information and seemed to suggest exaggeration on Calib's part.

"The defense sought to show that Scott had suffered a traumatic childhood during which he was beaten by his older brother and had used drugs. A defense expert, Dr. Travis Snyder, had testified earlier in the trial that an MRI image of Scott's brain showed scarring in the right frontal lobe consistent with a traumatic shearing injury." (Fernandez, 2022).

In a case that is so emotionally charged, it is difficult to distinguish between what to believe. To have two experts, one on the side of the prosecution and the other on the defense, say completely opposite statements is confounding. I believe the father should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but should also receive adequate treatment if he does suffer from a TBI.

Mugshot of Calib Scott

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